Hello everyone, welcome back, it’s Aida here !
Mixed media in Scrapbooking is a very interesting form of memory keeping. It came about as painting mediums crossed over into Paper Crafting, became cheaper, easily available and Crafters wanted to expand their style to make a different sort of layout. What is also exciting : you can make it a grungy with tons of texture as you like, or keep to the clean and simple style !
Look at the photo above and you can see there are lots of mediums from Acrylic paints, to stamping inks, crayons, sprays and dimensional pastes. The next time you come into Made With Love, head for the Mediums section and you can see the varieties of products available. Can you learn to use them on your own ? Yes you can certainly. But what IF after buying them, you realise you need to find time to experiment, sometimes going the long round-about way, throwing away pieces that don’t look right or just not getting the effect you want.
There are those who come in and show us You Tube videos of products or techniques and like us to explain the “hows and whys” which often puts us into a dilemma. We want to help but the simple truth about Mixed Media is : it cannot be condensed into a “ten minutes or less” explanation especially when a crafter is new to mediums and cannot visualise the methods or products. While You Tube videos are useful for ideas, you must know the artists are experienced and tend to skip basic steps as they expect the watcher to have some knowledge of the product application. These might include how much water to add to the mediums (if any), the brush to use, how the way you paint on the canvas affects the outcome and most important of all, colour mixing. One more fact to note, You Tube crafters might use products unavailable in Singapore or worse, discontinued, old products, out dated techniques that have been replaced by better quality, new mediums.
In Singapore, how would you know this if there’s no one to help you ?

Made With Love has always focussed on educating crafters. The Mixed Media Workshop has at its core value a strong foundation in handling Mediums and how to use them effectively in techniques. You will learn what the different Paints are, Ombre and Watercolour effects, Stamping Basics, Embossing using both the Heat Tool and Folders, Dimensional pastes, colour crayons, waxes and the *NEW* Glitter Inks. All these hands-on elements are then combined into a project you take home as a reference.
Products and supplies are provided for this workshop, you bring just Beacons 3 in 1 Glue and Foam Dots.

The workshop will help you move forward on other projects such as the ones below :
This is a Birthday Tag for a friend.


The Marbling technique on the Canvas is a wonderful, trendy background to this layout page.


Stencilling and techniques on soft washes add a dreamy atmosphere to this Canvas keepsake.


I hope this post will clarify a few questions about the Mixed Media workshop. The fee is $55 for 3 hours of fun, useful hands-on learning at de-mystifying the mediums and a pretty project to take home. As an experienced crafter with tons of exposure to mediums, there’s so much I can share !
For information about this and other workshops, Made With Love is on
Tel : 67337630
B2-08, 313 Somerset, Orchard Road.
As always, workshop samples are on display in the store.

Made With Love has an Instagram here : @madewithlovesg

Thank you for joining me, have a creative week ahead, Aida.